Financial Planning & Wealth Management Services

As a premier Clearwater wealth management firm, we want to help our clients the best way we can. In order to do so, we offer a wide range of services to help meet our clients’ individual needs.

For all of our wealth management service areas, our investment consultant works hard to ensure our clients have access to the financial advice and best investment and insurance products in the market today. We do this because we know a portfolio’s strength comes not from its name, but from comprising components.

Money Management

It is our belief that having a knowledgeable and skilled money management can significantly affect your long-term investment strategy. Our money management service focuses on plan adherence and growth. We can help you create a plan and help you maintain it towards achieving your goals.

Financial Planning

The most important part of any investment strategy is the financial plan. We pride ourselves in taking a data-driven approach to our financial planning. We measure and track key performance indicators. Additionally, we work with you to revise your plan as situations in your life change.

Estate Planning

It’s important for everyone to have an estate plan. While wealth preservation is an important goal, estate planning and the ongoing management of family trusts is just as important. We can help you to create an estate or manage and update an existing one.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of those all-important necessities. It helps protect your loved ones from financial hardship, should something happen to you. However, it’s not a fun scenario to plan for. It is, though, an important facet of any financial plan. We offer solutions to meet almost any need and can coach you through finding and purchasing the perfect plan for you.

Emergency Fund Management

An emergency fund is an insured safety-net set up with the goal of protecting financial stability against various scenarios – unemployment, temporary disability, or other factors. We strive to provide our clients access to emergency funds that are easily liquidable but provide solid market returns.

Medicaid Planning

As we age, one concern we all have is how we’re going to handle the financial hardship associated with healthcare. As medicare is such a significant part of many individuals’ personal health plan, we help many clients manage the various scenarios, and make smarter decisions when utilizing medicare or purchasing secondary coverage.

To learn more about how we can help you pursue your goals, contact us today.